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Ice Packs

Find and buy Ice Packs for all your needs at  Preserves chill items like cold drinks, desserts, sweets, snacks and food. These ice pack at home will solve all of your pain related problems & also Keep Your Food and Beverage Fresh & Cold. Assured discounts, quality products, fast delivery. Sehat Aapke Ghar Tak.

  • BuddsBuddy- Hot and Cold Gel Packs for Kids 1pc -Pack Red.Apply Comfortable for kids handsCold pack can reduce pains, swellings, headache, migraine, puffy eyes and many more Hot pack can improve blood circulation, clogged ducts, muscle cramps, bruises 100% safe for kids to use Can be heated by using boiling water over stove or by placing the pack in...

    ₹ 202.50 ₹ 225.00 -10% In Stock
    In Stock
  • BuddsBuddy- Instant Cold Pack for Kids- 2pcs Pack.Perfect replacement for ice cubes or ice packsVery useful at the time of travelling Contains non-toxic urea and water 100% leak proof with strong sealing technology This pack activates instantly by just pressing/ twisting the pack

    ₹ 157.50 ₹ 175.00 -10% In Stock
    In Stock
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