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Anti - Ageing Cream

  • Bottega Di Lungavita Regenerating Filler. This exclusive product has a regenerating and filler effect that is enhanced by an innovative concentrate of stem cells of leontopodium alpinum edelweiss minimizing expression lines and conferring an immediate lifting effect regenerating and redensifying the thinnest tissues around the contour of eyes and lips.

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  • Bottega Di Lungavita Prestige Vials Treatment face and neck. An Effective beauty treatment is assured by collagen soy proteins vitamins and ceramides that in synergy with shea butter and Mediterranean olive oil ensures an intensive and plumping anti-aging action on the face contours.

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  • Bottega Di Lungavita in regenerating tonic lotion. Ultra-delicate formula of active plant ingredients with a considerable skin regenerating and restructuring power. This product provides an instant burst of vitality and is an essential part of the face and neck cleansing regimen.

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  • WOW Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Serum - 50 ml.WOW Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Serum is your aging skins new best friend. Regular application delivers intense moisture, nourishment and elasticity to skin and helps fill up wrinkles, reduce fine lines and banish age spots to make your skin (and you) more youthful, more radiant.A soft, silky feel that penetrates quickly...

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  • Veda essence Mini Natural and Pure Carrotseed Neroli Anti-Wrinkle Cream.This age-defying cream containing Olive Oil Shea Butter Rosehip Carrotseed and Fennel Essential Oil effectively reduces signs of aging and gives you a youthful and even skin ton

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  • HealthAid Vitamin A Cream 75mL.Vitamin A Cream contains Vitamin A which may have anti-ageing properties and improve the texture and elasticity of aged skin to therefore help improve wrinkles HealthAid has formulated this cream using high quality Vitamin A which is readily absorbed non-greasy and helps to nourish moisturise and restore your skins natural...

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  • A2 Naturals Hydrating Face Mist for Wrinkles and Scars. Get Set Go within seconds! Just spray this Face mist and there you get a fresh, rosy look in no time. Keep it handy in your purse and the time you feel your skin has lost its freshness and is looking tired, A2 Naturals Hydrating Face Mist will always be there for rescue.

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  • Glamveda Anti-Aging Cream. An excellent herbal product that visibly diminishes signs of ageing. Skin will look younger and radiant with every use. Its has no harmful or harsh chemical. It is a very light delicate moisturizing cream.

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  • Bottega Di Lungavita Hyaluronic Concentrate Vials. Maintains high levels of the hydration by penetrating the skin retain water dilate and push wrinkle upwards smoothing the skin Improving tone and turgidity reducing wrinkles.

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  • Woods and Petals- Orange Peel Powder- set of 2- All purpose Beauty Treatment.Natural and hand pounded Himalayan Orange Peel powder from Woods And Petals is used for various beauty treatments is face packs and masks It naturally and effecively lightens the skin tone and reduces oil from your skin It helps in clearing blemishes and black spots It is also...

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  • Astaberry Anti Wrinkle Creme (50 gm) - With Gotu Kola, Honey and Coconut Butter.Astaberry Anti Wrinkle Creme contains Gotu Kola and Honey. Gotu Kola, a rare herb increases blood circulation in the skin cells thus working directly at the root cause of wrinkle formation.

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  • WOW Anti-Aging Night Cream - 50ml. Let your skin recover its youthful glow gently and softly through the night with WOW Anti-Aging Night Cream. Its Naturally nutrient-intensive and skin-loving formulation contains pure aloe juice, shea butter, olive oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C & E to give your skin all the hydration and nutrition it needs to...

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