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Anti - Ageing Serum

  • Mitti Se Face Serum. Makes skin supple and firm Imparts a fresh glow Regenerates skin cells Removes wrinkles and fine lines Heals skin from within Repairs damaged cells Balances Oil Sebum Usage: Apply few drops on damp skin Face Neck and leave on overnight.

    ₹ 805.50 ₹ 895.00 -10% In Stock
    In Stock
  • Bottega Di Lungavita Eye Lip Moisturising Serum. The Vita Age Serum provides an immediate lifting firming and deep rejuvenation effect: three actions in a single product with a light penetrating texture. A concentrate of vitality and youth which smoothes the face on the surface and revitalizes the skin in depth.

    ₹ 1,755.00 ₹ 1,950.00 -10% In Stock
    In Stock
  • Bottega Di Lungavita Prestige Concentrate Face Serum. An exclusive treatment useful to promote hydration elasticity and skin cell turnover. Deeply mositurized and nourished the skin finds its brightness.

    ₹ 2,331.00 ₹ 2,590.00 -10% In Stock
    In Stock
  • Bottega Di Lungavita Active Pearl Serum. Precious beauty serum, with pearls texture. Smoothing, Levelling and Corrective anti-aging treatment. Minimizes aging signs, slowing down the age. Refined and precious pearls texture that provides to your face powerful anti-aging, brightening, antioxidant and nourishing active ingredients. The skin appears more...

    ₹ 2,925.00 ₹ 3,250.00 -10% Out of stock
    Out of stock
  • Bottega Di Lungavita Stems Redensifying Serum. Contrasting the signs of skin ageing by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Promoting cutaneous hydration for maintaining skin turgor. Concentrate with excellent antioxidant and regenerative properties delivers an extremely effective anti-ageing action providing the skin with an intense...

    ₹ 1,845.00 ₹ 2,050.00 -10% In Stock
    In Stock
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