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  • OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer is simple to learn and easy to use. It does not have buttons to confuse you. The readings appear clear and bold on the wide screen. The useful features of this instrument such as no setup, no coding and alert featuresreducesreading errors andgivesyou the peace of mind in knowing the correct blood glucose levels.

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  • FOSSTEVIA is your natural and healthful substitute to sugar loaded with the goodness of prebiotics and dietary fiber brought to you through Stevia plant extract and FOS Fructooligosaccharides.It is 300 times as sweet as sugar so it only takes a small amount to produce the same sweet taste as cane sugar. stevia plant is known to be helpful in many diseases...

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  • WestCoast Footgesic Gel Relieve Diabetic Foot Pain.Pack Size: 100gm X Pack of 2 Footgesic Gel is specially designed for the relieve of Diabetic Foot PainFootgesic Gel is Topical Analgesic It contains Capsaicin, which is clinically proven as effective pain reliever in diabetic foot pain Footgesic is simple to apply, non-allergenic, odorless potent pain...

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  • Aarogyam Wellness Karela Capsule Pack of 2.Karela purifies the blood regulates blood sugar levels This natural medicine could be beneficial for a number of health disorders which mainly are as follows: It is one of the most effective medications in diabetes cure for high blood sugar or hyperglycemia patients Specification:2 Bottles of 90 Capsules of 500 mg

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  • Shivalik Herbals Diabeta X Gold 60 Capsules. Diabeta_X_Gold For Sexual Health of Diabetic Men Women Diabetes Sexual weakness in diabetes Sexual problems in diabetes premature ejaculation in diabetes Diabetes its related complications

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  • Bhumija Lifesciences Gymnema Sylvestre.Gymnema sylvestre is an herb found in the tropical forests of India and Asia Gymnema has historic use as a therapy for diabetes and arthritis and has also earned significant recent interest as a multi-supportive therapy for weight management Evidence suggests gymnema can reduce cravings for sweets sugar absorption...

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  • Organic India Sugar Balance 60 Capsules. Sugar Balance helps to normalize blood sugar levels retards absorption of dietary sugars and improves insulin utilization. Sugr-balance capsules supports healthy insulin response and glycemic control. Prevents and treats chronic complications of diabetes mellitus both type 1 & 2. Can be used with modern...

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  • We have an amazing anti diabetic herbal food supplement. The product is by the name of SHUGAR APPLE. It has four Ingredients i.e. Elephant Apple, Stevia, Ashwagandha and Fenugreek. According to a latest research in Ayurvedic College Elephant Apple has anti diabetic properties which can control diabetes within 21 days. It is a 100% herbal product with no...

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  • HealthVit KAREL Karela Powder 300 mg 60 Capsules Pack Of 2.Benefits of HealthVit KAREL Karela powder 300 mg Blood purifier regulates blood sugar good source of essential vitamins effective in bowel evacuation Treat alcoholism

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  • Stevia is a natural sweetener with 0 calories and no carbohydrates. 35gms Pack

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  • Organic India Cinnamon 60 Capsules Bottle. In recent times, cinnamon has been studied for its antioxidant properties and has shown promising results in supporting sugar metabolism and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.Ayurveda uses cinnamon to promote nutrient assimilation and improve digestive strength. Organic India uses Ceylon cinnamon, known as...

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  • Biotrex Jambubeej 250mg.Jambubeej is considered to have a natural property to reduce sugar level in blood urine

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